Law: How can Egyptian women regain their nationality?



Thu, 30 Jun 2022 - 11:52 GMT


Thu, 30 Jun 2022 - 11:52 GMT

Egyptian Passport - file

Egyptian Passport - file

CAIRO - 30 June 2022: The Egyptian Nationality Law allows Egyptian women who drops their nationality in certain cases to regain it through certain procedures. 
An Egyptian woman who lost her nationality according to the first paragraph of Article 11 and the first paragraph of Article 12 may recover the Egyptian nationality if she requests that and the Minister of Interior approves.
According to the first paragraph of Article 11, 
If an Egyptian man drops his Egyptian nationalities after obtaining another foreign nationality, this will not result in his wife's loss of Egyptian nationality, unless she desires to aquire her husband's new nationality, and thus acquires it in accordance with her law.
However, she may retain the Egyptian nationality in accordance with the last paragraph of the previous article.
The first paragraph of Article 12 states:
An Egyptian woman who marries a foreigner shall retain her Egyptian nationality unless she desires to acquire the nationality of her husband, and she proves this desire at the time of marriage or during the establishment of the marriage, with the law of her husband's nationality allows her to do so. 
Nevertheless, she shall retain her Egyptian nationality if she declares her desire to do so within a year from the date she obtained her husband's nationality.
She also recovers the Egyptian nationality at the end of the marriage if she resides in Egypt or returns to reside in Egypt, and decides to do so.
According to law, there are certain cases, when the nationality is withdrawn. Here are some:

According to Law No. 26 of 1975, the basic reasons for the state to revoke nationality include:

1. If the citizen takes another nationality without permission from the Egyptian government.

2. If the Egyptian citizen enters the military service of a foreign country without being approved by the Ministry of Defense.

3. If a court ruling is issued against an individual who is involved in damaging public security.

4. If the Cabinet orders an individual, working outside of the country, to leave his job, the nationality shall be revoked after six months of his notification, if he fails to oblige.

5. If an individual joins a foreign body whose purpose is to destroy the social or economic system of the state.

6. If an individual works for a foreign state or government at war with Egypt.

7. If an individual works with countries that cut off diplomatic relations with Egypt.

8. If the government or non-governmental entity an individual works with abroad is characterized by Zionism.

9. If an individual takes Egyptian nationality by cheating and/or presenting false papers.



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