Egypt almost completes Old Cairo's neighborhood Ain Al Sira



Wed, 29 Jun 2022 - 04:16 GMT


Wed, 29 Jun 2022 - 04:16 GMT

FILE – Flat-building at Old Cairo's Ain Al Sira neighborhood

FILE – Flat-building at Old Cairo's Ain Al Sira neighborhood

CAIRO – 29 June 2022: The Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban communities announced Wednesday that the construction of flat-buildings at Old Cairo's Ain Al Sira neighborhood, formerly known as the tanneries area, is completed.


The exterior of the buildings is finished by 95 percent. Yet, the finishing works of the interior have begun in tandem.


The neighborhood consists of 79 buildings having an Islamic architecture, and housing a total of 1,924 apartments. The surface area per unit is 150 square meters.


The total area of the neighborhood is 95 feddans (one feddan equals 4,500 square meters), and it will also be home to handicraft shops. That is given allocating 12.4 feddans to the establishment of a shopping/entertainment area.


Deputy Cairo Governor Ahmed Fouad stated in 2019 that 241 buildings in Ain Al Sira had been demolished and that 69 families had been relocated to the 6th of October City as there is a plan to turn the area into a tourist attraction.

The deputy governor added that 56 tombs had been bulldozed and owners were given alternatives in 15th of May City.

Ain Al Sira is located in Old Cairo neighborhood housing Amr Ibn Al As Mosque, the oldest in Egypt and Africa. That is in addition to a number of ancient churches like the Hanging Church, Mar Gerges, Abou Seifein, and the Virgin. The neighborhood is also home to a Jewish temple, Cairo Aqueduct (Sour Magra El Oyoun), and the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

The place also has a lake called Ein Al Yahat, whose shores can be invested in certain activities like restaurants designed to match the location. Ain Al Sira used to house leather tanneries, which were relocated to Robeiky Textile Complex.



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