Egypt faces no pressure to change its stance towards Qatar: Gov’t



Fri, 14 Jul 2017 - 09:36 GMT


Fri, 14 Jul 2017 - 09:36 GMT

Egypt's Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center

Egypt's Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center

CAIRO – 14 July 2017: Egypt is not under any kind of pressures from foreign countries to change its stance toward the Arab-Qatari crisis, according to a report released by the Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) Thursday.

“Egypt and other Arab states pressure Qatar to stop funding terrorism and back off its hostile behavior against Arab nations,” the statement read, adding that the Egyptian state will never accept pressures that may affect its interests.

The report pointed out to the Egyptians’ suffering from terrorist attacks, which enjoyed the Qatari support and that led to shedding blood of hundreds of Egyptian souls.

According to the official report, Egypt has filed a complaint against Qatar before the United Nations Security Council, labeling the oil-rich country a “terrorism supporting state.” The complaint could later be referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain insist on their stance against the Qatari support to terrorist groups in the region. The Arab quartet adheres to the unity of the regional states so as to defeat terrorism and fulfill regional stability, the report added.


In response to rumors circulated about disputes in views among the four Arab countries, the report denied and affirmed the four countries’ commitment to fight terrorism.

Journalists and employees who worked for Al Jazeera and violated Egyptian law will be questioned, the statement read, adding that any Al Jazeera employees who did not violate the law “will not be questioned for any reason.”

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Qatar’s relations with several Arab and Gulf states have been strained since May 24 when its state-run news agency reported Sheikh Tamim bin Hammad Al-Thani’s statements regarding Gulf foreign policy with Iran as “unwise.” The Qatari government later claimed the statement was never made and the news agency had been hacked.

On June 5, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Libya and Yemen cut all diplomatic ties with Qatar, hurling allegations that the state supports terrorism. Ports and airspace were cut off to Qatari vessels.


On June 6, Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah Ahmad Al-Sabah started a tour that included Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar in an attempt to mediate between the three countries; the attempt was unsuccessful.

A list of 13 demands was given to Doha’s government by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain for reconciliation which includes the closing of Al Jazeera. Qatar’s response was described as “negative” by the four countries’ foreign ministers, who released a joint statement from a summit held in Cairo on July 5.




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