Egypt establishes 6 technological universities, digitalize university exams as part of 22/23 development plan



Tue, 31 May 2022 - 12:47 GMT


Tue, 31 May 2022 - 12:47 GMT

The Galala University in Red Sea - Photo via Google maps by Ibrahim AFattah Gis.

The Galala University in Red Sea - Photo via Google maps by Ibrahim AFattah Gis.

CAIRO – 31 May 2022: Egypt’s development plan for the fiscal year 22/23 is based on three main objectives: building the Egyptian Person, improving citizens’ quality of life, activating the national structural reform program and strengthening the international competitiveness of Egypt’s economy.


The Parliament’s specified committees continue to consider the details of the state’s development plan, which is keen to take into account the consequences of global developments, while highlighting the importance of the proactive steps taken by the Egyptian government to confront the lack of international supplies of basic commodities, contain inflation and allocate the necessary financial subsidies, most affected socially.


According to the announcement by Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, at the Parliament, the plan for the year 22/2023 for the educational services sectors aims to direct public investments estimated at 69.2 billion pounds to the educational services sector, with a growth rate of about 23 percent compared to the previous fiscal year (21/2022).


Egypt Today monitors what was stated in the targeted investments in the field of university education, which come within the framework of the state's interest in expanding the availability of university education, in accordance with modern technological sciences and advanced scientific disciplines, in order to be represented in the following:


-       Expanding the digitalization of exams at public universities, with the aim of providing credits of one billion pounds to digitalize 154 test centers in all public universities.


-    Establishing and operating 6 technological universities, raising the number to nine universities with a capacity of 22.5 thousand students.


-       The technological universities are located in the following areas across Egypt: 6 October, New Assiut, New Taiba in Luxor, East Port Said, Samanoud in Gharbia, Borg El Arab in Alexandria.


-       Establishing and operating 15 private universities, including (Zagazig, Benha, Beni Suef, Mansoura, Assiut, Helwan, New Valley, Suez, Minya, Menoufia) with a capacity of 150,000 students, and funds of 7.4 billion pounds.


-       The study was started in four universities (Al Alamein International, King Salman International, Galala, New Mansoura), which include 40 colleges.




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