Egyptians to access all electricity-related services via unified digital platform



Mon, 30 May 2022 - 12:06 GMT


Mon, 30 May 2022 - 12:06 GMT

Electricity meters - Pixabay/Geralt

Electricity meters - Pixabay/Geralt

CAIRO – 30 May 2022: As part of Egypt’s plan for digital transformation to provide all services electronically, citizens will be able to access all electricity-related services through a unified digital platform that was recently launched.


The Ministry of Electricity launched mobile applications and a platform through which citizens can request to shift to installation system of code meters, while other services will be provided through other applications.


The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, represented by the Electricity Holding Company, succeeded in activating all the services of the unified platform, according to Dr. Ayman Hamza, spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy.


Hamza also explained that citizens will be able to pay electricity bills, submit complaints, request meter installation, and other services all through one application.


A total of 24 services will be at the finger tip of users, who will not need to head to electricity distribution companies to submit their requests or complaints.


Hamza added that the activation of some services for users of prepaid meters has been completed, such as extracting a recharge card, whether in replacement of damaged or lost, in addition to activating the recharge service for the prepaid meter.


There are many applications affiliated with the ministry for charging prepaid meters, including the "Sahel" application, which was developed to include all types of prepaid meters.


Hamza explained that the new charging card that supports the Nfc feature has many advantages, including the ability to charge more than one counter from the same mobile phone as long as there is sufficient balance, in addition to providing consumption data and data of charging operations made on the card and the amount of kilowatt-hour consumed joint.


“The Nfc charging service will not be linked to specific dates or places for charging the meters, pointing out that the charging process depends on having sufficient balance in electronic wallets or visa cards, which enables the subscriber to charge the meter at any time,” he added.


The Ministry of Electricity is keen to provide a variety of electronic services to serve citizens in various parts of the Republic with the highest quality, he said.


The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy also provides more than a thousand charging centers affiliated with electricity distribution companies, 80 thousand charging points for cards spread throughout the Republic, and 60 thousand charging points through the outlets of electronic collection companies spread throughout the Republic.



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