Egypt has no infected or suspected cases of monkeypox so far: Health Ministry



Sat, 21 May 2022 - 08:37 GMT


Sat, 21 May 2022 - 08:37 GMT

Medical test - CC

Medical test - CC

CAIRO – 21 May 2022: Egypt has no infected or suspected cases of monkeypox so far, announced the Ministry of Health.


Spokesperson for the ministry, Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, said that the ministry is closely following up on the global epidemiological situation.


He also revealed the ministry’s measures to prevent monkeypox infection, as he warned citizens against touching any sick or found dead animal bodies, where the disease is located.


The ministry highlighted the importance of hand hygiene and the use of personal protective tools like face masks and hand sterilization.


Dr. Ahmed Salman, Professor of Immunology and Vaccine Development at Oxford University, said that the symptoms of monkeypox are similar to the symptoms of ordinary smallpox, as they begin with a rise in temperature and general cracking in the body, while there are blisters and pus all over the body.


Dr. Salman added, in a telephone interview with Egypt Can TV program, that monkeypox causes humans swollen lymph nodes and pimples appear on the face significantly.


Doctors can differential between normal smallpox and monkeypox through specific medical tests.


“There is no treatment for monkeypox so far, and the disease is treated by antivirals,” Dr. Salman explained, adding that the main factor in treating the disease is resting.


He added, “Monkey pox is similar to cases of West Africa that are currently spreading in the world, and its mortality reaches 10 percent in Central Africa.”



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