Egypt's Public Prosecution orders detained 19 citizens over violence, vandalism acts in Aswan



Tue, 17 May 2022 - 07:32 GMT


Tue, 17 May 2022 - 07:32 GMT

A court gavel- CC via Wall Paper Flare

A court gavel- CC via Wall Paper Flare

CAIRO – 17 May 2022: Egypt’s Public Prosecution ordered detained 19 people for 15 days pending investigations over committing crimes, violence and setting fire into properties among other charges.


Arrested on Monday, the 19 accused include 16 who participated in a gathering that aimed to endanger public peace, committed crimes using force, set fire into two homes, caused willful vandalism of public property and willful disruption of transportation by cutting off public road, resisted police officers using force and violence, and destroyed real estate and cars.   


The three other defendants for possessing automatic firearms and their ammunition, and for attempting to steal a car on the public road while carrying firearms, at Edfu Center in Aswan.


The Public Prosecution had received a notification on the fourteenth of May about a gathering of a number of citizens after others stole their money fraudulently.


The citizens then cut off the public road and damaged public and private properties, and stole its components. Some of them had weapons and ammunition in their possession, and attacked police forces while the latter were fulfilling their duty in capturing those involved in these chaotic acts.


The police forces incarcerated 19 of those who were gathering, and the prosecution started probe into the incidents.


The prosecution heard the testimony of the Edfu police station’s warden regarding the incident, and moved to the site, where signs of vandalism, fire and sabotage were spotted.


A technical engineer of the transport authorities was assigned to examine the damaged cars to identify the damages incurred, requested police investigations into the incident, and requested retrieving the recordings of the surveillance cameras in the area.


Accordingly, the Public Prosecution ordered their pretrial detention, and investigations will be resumed.



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