40 Egyptian political parties to present their views on national dialogue mechanisms



Tue, 10 May 2022 - 01:04 GMT


Tue, 10 May 2022 - 01:04 GMT

Secretary-general of the Coalition of Egyptian Parties Taysir Matar – Al Ahram

Secretary-general of the Coalition of Egyptian Parties Taysir Matar – Al Ahram

CAIRO – 10 May 2022: Secretary-general of the Coalition of Egyptian Parties Taysir Matar told Al Ahram Tuesday that representatives of the 40 member parties will meet Wednesday evening to present their views on the mechanisms of the national dialogue called for by President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.


Matar, who is Senate member and the chairperson of the "A Generation's Willpower Party," stated that the party is preparing a policy paper on the areas it wants to work at within the National Dialogue Committee.  


The politician noted that his party's focus is on concerting efforts with the government to accomplish the developmental vision of the political leadership. The party also advocates for collaboration among all parties to set a clear vision on handling the challenges facing the Egyptian state, especially in light of the crises the world is embroiled in.   


What's more, the coalition is forming a mini-national-dialogue committee, encompassing member parties, to prepare a joint policy paper, consisting of the topics they want to discuss at the National Dialogue, and their views on various affairs and challenges.


During the Egyptian Family Iftar held by the president with public figures from different backgrounds in April on the occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Sisi directed the National Youth Conference management, in coordination with all political parties and youth movements, to conduct a political dialogue on the priorities of national actions during the current stage.


Sisi announced several decisions during his speech at the Egyption family Iftar including directing the government to hold a press conference to announce its plan to deal with the current global economic crisis.


Sisi directed the government to enhance all aspects of support provided to wheat farmers in Egypt by increasing the incentives provided to them, whether material or in services, in order to achieve an increase in wheat self-sufficiency.


He noted that the next period will witness huge support for the private sector to play its role in developing the economy, as he [president Sisi] will make sure to provide everything necessary towards achieving this.


Sisi directed the government to announce a program for private sector participation in state-owned assets with a target of $10 billion annually for a period of 4 years.


Sisi directed the government to start offering shares from state-owned companies on EGX.


President Sisi also directed to complete paying off the private debts to number of debtors.

Sisi reactivated the ‘Presidential Pardon Committee’ which was formed as one of the outcomes of the National Youth conference, as it will expand its cooperation with the competent agencies and civil society.


During his speech, Sisi expressed his happiness at the release of new batches of Egyptians during the past days, and stresses that the country accommodates everyone.


Sisi announced launching an initiative to support national industries and relying on local products by strengthening the role of the private sector in expanding the industrial base of large and medium industries.


Sisi assigned the ministries, institutions to continue the work of the exhibitions that contributed to the provision of basic commodities to citizens in all governorates.


The President directed to continue providing all basic commodities to citizens at subsidized prices until the end of the year.



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