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Fri, 22 Apr 2022 - 06:17 GMT


Fri, 22 Apr 2022 - 06:17 GMT

Sprouted Chickpeas- CC via Flickr/

Sprouted Chickpeas- CC via Flickr/

CAIRO – 22 April 2022: Amid the high price of basic commodities in the Egyptian markets due to the global crisis of food chain supply, Head of the Farmers' Syndicate Hussain Abdul Rahman Abu Saddam said that chickpeas are considered an alternative to meat.


“Chickpeas are a legume crop that is rich in fiber and nutrients, the most important of which is protein, as it is considered one of the best sources of vegetable protein, so it is called ‘meat substitute’,” said Saddam who pointed out that the season of the harvest has started this month.


Chickpea is a winter crop that thrives in temperate weather and depends on the remaining moisture in the soil. Besides, it consumes little amount of water

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It is planted in November and harvested in April of each year, he said, adding that one acre of chickpeas produces about 15 ardebs (one ardeb equals to 87 kg) and is sold for 2,000 EGP (US $ 107.66).


The cultivated areas of chickpeas in Egypt do not exceed 20,000 acres, mostly in the governorates of Qena, Assiut, Minya and Beheira.


Chickpeas are used in several dishes on the Egyptian table like in the post-popular Koshary. Meanwhile, their leaves and stems are used as animal fodder.


However, chickpea cultivation in Egypt faces obstacles despite its high economic return. Being a winter crop, chickpea competes other basic crops like wheat and beans Saddam said.


Also, Egypt lacks the agricultural experience for chickpea cultivation and the weakness of the extension and awareness processes, unavailability of pesticides and seeds, he continued.


“Chickpea is very sensitive to climatic changes and needs a temperate climate. It does not tolerate extreme cold or extreme heat.




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