Talks tackled means to boost cooperation between the ministries of civil aviation and tourism to attract more tourism from the foreign markets to Egypt via the mechanisms of encouraging aviation and linking the touristic and coastal resorts to the archeological sites along the Nile valley to link the cultural tourism with the coastal tourism.

Both ministers reviewed, during their meeting on Thursday, the renovation of Sphinx International Airport which aim at increasing the total area of the passengers building to increase its capacity from 300 passengers per hour to 900 passengers per hour to cope with the increase of the aviation movement expected in the airport along with the Grand Egyptian Museum.

Manar lauded the constant and effective cooperation and coordination between both ministries to activate the aviation and tourism movement.

This comes within the framework of the strategy of the Egyptian government to support and promote aviation and tourism, he said.

He said that the Aviation Ministry saves no effort to present all facilitation and initiatives to encourage aviation and tourism internally and externally.

For his part, Anani thanked the aviation minister on the fruitful and constant cooperation between both ministries to support the plan of the state to promote the travelling and tourism movements and launch joint initiatives that contribute to encouraging international and internal tourism especially in light of current circumstances witnessed in both sectors at the international level.