Discussed: How small, medium enterprises contributed to empowering Egyptian women



Mon, 11 Apr 2022 - 12:03 GMT


Mon, 11 Apr 2022 - 12:03 GMT

Women - File

Women - File

CAIRO – 11 April 2022: Egypt is keen to launch strategies initiatives and societal programs in support of women, which contributed to building their capacities and empowering them politically, economically and socially.


Accordingly, Egyptian women enjoyed unique and unprecedented gains, as active and leading element in sustainable development plans after the development of a legislative and institutional framework that supports women’s rights, while making sure to advance their role in various fields.  


According to a report published by the Media Center of the Council of Ministers entitled “Egyptian Women Live Their Golden Era in the New Republic,” what was done regarding small, medium and micro enterprises included:


- Assigning 698.4 thousand small and micro projects for women from the Enterprise Development Agency, with a share of 45 percent for women, at a total cost of 11.1 billion pounds.


- Small projects have provided 837.9 thousand job opportunities within 7 years.


- 62.7 thousand women benefited from the national project for community, human and local development "Your Project".


- 16.1 thousand women benefited from the projects of the Local Development Fund, where the share of women reached 64.8 percent.


- Nasser Social Bank has provided more than 291,000 loans worth 14 billion pounds to empower women economically since 2014 until now.


-       Financing more than 20 thousand loans, with a value of more than 355 million pounds, since the beginning of the Mastoura Initiative program.



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