Egypt’s embassy in Moscow ends 11 stranded sailors' crisis at Ukrainian Port of Kherson



Fri, 08 Apr 2022 - 06:03 GMT


Fri, 08 Apr 2022 - 06:03 GMT

CAIRO – 8 April 2022: Egypt’s embassy in Moscow succeeded to end eleven stranded sailors' crisis at Ukraine’s Port of Kherson.

According to Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, eleven sailors were evacuated from a commercial ship in the Ukrainian port of Kherson, as their return to Egypt is currently being arranged.

The Egyption embassy has been communicating with the sailors during the past period according to the statement, to discuss their situation and security circumstances and arrange their evacuation procedures.

The Egyption authorities made extensive contacts to arrange the evacuation of the sailors with the Russian authorities, in order to end the sailors’ crises and secure their exit from the city.

Earlier in March, Egyptian Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram said 80 percent of Egyptian students in Ukraine were evacuated to neighboring countries, including many who returned to Egypt.

A small percentage of students, however, chose to continue their study in Ukraine, Makram said in remarks to TV Presenter Azza Mostafa on Sada El-Balad.

Egypt’s embassies in Ukraine's neighboring countries are still receiving Egyptian students who left Ukraine, Makram said, noting that 2,179 students registered to do a transfer to Egyptian private and non-profit universities.

Those universities have announced majors with vacant seats through their electronic portals, Makram said, noting that an academic placement test for students studying medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and engineering will be announced.

The Egyptian Embassy in Kyiv has appealed to Egyptian citizens who are still in Ukraine to quickly communicate with the embassy even if they have no desire to leave Ukraine.




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