Irrigation min. asserts Egypt's keenness on including priorities, challenges of Africa in all int'l initiatives



Wed, 09 Mar 2022 - 03:40 GMT


Wed, 09 Mar 2022 - 03:40 GMT

Egypt has completed the lining of 3,913 kilometers of irrigation canals nationwide- press photo

Egypt has completed the lining of 3,913 kilometers of irrigation canals nationwide- press photo

CAIRO - 9 March 2022: Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Mohamed Abdel Aati asserted Wednesday Egypt’s interest in the Water and Climate Coalition (WCC) and its keenness on including the priorities and challenges of the African continent in all the international initiatives like the water and climate coalition and rallying international efforts during COP 27 due in Egypt in November.

This came during Abdel Aati’s virtual participation in the meeting of leaders’ committee of the WCC which is held to agree on the plan of the WCC and determine the role of the leaders in raising the awareness about linking water with climate.

Hungarian President János Áder and water ministers and officials from Morocco, Tajikistan, Togo and Namibia in addition to representatives of a number of private sector companies participating in the meeting.

Abdel Aati asserted the importance of intensifying the national efforts in all the states in the field of adapting with the climate change and providing the finance necessary for implementing the projects which contribute to reaching this goal.

He also asserted the importance of taking all the necessary measures to decrease the emissions to decrease the climate change.

Egypt has already implemented several projects in this field like the projects of protecting the shores which aim at adapting with the phenomenon of the extension in the sea level due to the meltdown of ice in several areas around the world.

Meanwhile, Áder said that Egypt has the potentials serving the file of water and climate in its Arab and African surroundings.

Áder asserted the importance of handling the water and climate issues as one issue.



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