In pics: New Mansoura Univ. organizes 1st marathon to raise awareness on obesity



Tue, 08 Mar 2022 - 10:03 GMT


Tue, 08 Mar 2022 - 10:03 GMT

New Mansoura Univ. organizes 1st marathon to raise awareness on obesity

New Mansoura Univ. organizes 1st marathon to raise awareness on obesity

CAIRO – 8 March 2022: The Faculty of Medicine at the New Mansoura University concluded a week of activities on Tuesday as part of a campaign to raise awareness of obesity risks, and diseases it causes to humans.


Under the slogan “We will be the butterflies of this spring”, the activities coincide with the World Obesity Day launched by the World Health Organization on March 4.


The campaign started its activities at the beginning of March and spanned a whole week, and included multiple electronic activities in which the students presented scientific articles and awareness videos of their design to display information on obesity and its risks in a simplified manner.




The closing ceremony, which took place at the New Mansoura University headquarters, included the organization of the first sports marathon touring the new city of Mansoura. A medical examination was carried out for students and university workers inside the medical clinic; where measurements of weight, height, body mass index, and waist circumference were recorded, in addition to measuring blood pressure and blood sugar, and making follow-up cards with the awareness of those who visited the clinic today about obesity and how to prevent it.


The students organized many awareness activities such as light and recreational competitions, and various kinetic games in which many university students competed, and through which information was provided about the nature of each activity and the amount of calories burned during its practice, and among the paragraphs during the day there was a corner for healthy food Balanced, the students created their own meals based on the calorie allowance.



Dr. Moawad El-Khouly, President of New Mansoura University, stressed that the university is constantly keen to implement all activities that aim to enhance national awareness among young people and develop their skills and capabilities, in implementation of the political leadership’s directives to qualify a distinguished generation of student cadres to serve community development plans, and establish the rules of volunteer work.


The president of the university explained the importance of sports activities in positively exploiting the energies of students and investing opportunities to participate in them, in order to refine their sports talents, and instill the values ​​of honest competition among university students.



Dr. Osama Hamdi, professor of diabetes at Harvard University, participated in the campaign activities, with a video explaining the danger of obesity and its link to many diseases, indicating the extent of its prevalence among university students. He also praised the effort made by the college and students in raising awareness against this dangerous disease.


Dr. Hala Al-Marsafawi stated that this awareness campaign came as a result of the college's interest in providing a distinguished community service through various health awareness campaigns and spreading health awareness within and outside the university community.




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