Photos: Cairo receives 1st Egyptian flight from Romania to repatriate expats from Ukraine



Wed, 02 Mar 2022 - 09:43 GMT


Wed, 02 Mar 2022 - 09:43 GMT

CAIRO – 2 March 2022: Cairo International Airport received on Tuesday the first Egyptian flight coming from Romania to repatriate 175 Egyptian students who left Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict.

The plane was operated by Air Cairo, which belongs to the flag carrier EgyptAir, also carried six members of the Egyptian Red Crescent and quarantine teams.

Ambassador Salah El-Din Abdel-Sadiq, Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs, had headed to Bucharest to follow up on all arrangements for returning the stranded citizens, who left Ukraine for Bucharest.






Russia has started an invasion of Ukraine last Thursday, drawing sanctions against Moscow from the west and causing hundreds of thousands to escape from war to other neighbouring countries.

The Egyptian embassy in Kyiv, on Sunday, launched a Telegram group to communicate with the Egyptian community stranded in Ukraine due to the military escalation between Russia and Ukraine.

Egyptian embassy will send instructions on the new group to direct the nationals to exit safely to the countries neighboring Ukraine to go back home.

The Telegram group was named “The instructions of the Egyptian Embassy in Ukraine.” It can be joined via this link (

The embassy announced on Saturday that Egyptian stranded nationals can head for the Slovakian border as they can enter Slovenia without a visa. It asked the nationals to send a soft copy of their passports to the emergency number of the embassy in Bratislava so that entry can be facilitated.

It also said that the Ukrainian authorities imposed a curfew starting at 5:00 pm to 8:00 am until February 28, calling upon the Egyptian citizens to abide by this rule.

The Egyptian authorities also urged Egyptians in the western parts of Ukraine to head to Poland and Romania.



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