No single-use plastics: EgyptAir operates its debut environment-friendly flight to Paris Saturday



Sat, 22 Jan 2022 - 10:49 GMT


Sat, 22 Jan 2022 - 10:49 GMT

EgyptAir flight - File

EgyptAir flight - File

CAIRO – 22 January 2022: EgyptAir, the state-owned flag carrier, operates Saturday its first environment-friendly service flight from Cairo to Paris, which is the first flight of its kind on the African continent.


The company also offered a 40-percent discount on booking this eco-friendly flight.


Minister of Civil Aviation Mohamed Manar stated that the strategy of the Ministry of Civil Aviation in the field of environment comes from the directives of the political leadership, which attaches great importance to environmental issues to confront the phenomenon of climate change and keep pace with Egypt’s vision 2030.


Minister Manar, who led the flight, added that the success of this flight with environmentally friendly services and products will be the beginning of their generalization in the future through the presence of an integrated and sustainable environmental system that applies all local and international recommendations related to environmental protection.


Chairman of the Holding Company for EgyptAir Amr Aboul-Enein said that this flight with environmentally friendly services and products, which bear logo of “Green Service Flight,” aims to reduce environmental pollution and enhance awareness of the harmful effects of using “single-use” plastics.


In the below lines, get to know some information about this trip:


1- This flight (MS 799) of the Boeing 787-9 “Dreamliner” took off to the French capital, Paris, carrying 219 passengers aboard.


2 - Led by Pilot Mohamed Manar, Minister of Civil Aviation, this trip comes within the framework of Egypt's 2030 strategy to achieve the sustainable development goals.


3- It comes as part of EgyptAir’s priorities to reduce emissions and preserve the environment, and is considered part of the responsibility of the Egyptian civil aviation sector to face the effects of climate change.


4- EgyptAir is keen to have an integrated and sustainable ecosystem that applies all local and international recommendations and legislation in the field of aviation related to environmental protection.


5- The integrated ecosystem of the national holding company, EgyptAir, enhances the ability to confront natural hazards and reduce pollution, in the interest of human safety and health on the globe, as well as the health and safety of travelers and tourists, and airports around the world.


6- The flight abandons the use of single-use plastics, as part of EgyptAir’s future plan to reduce the use of single-use plastic on its flights by 90 percent.


7- EgyptAir promotes awareness of, and seeks to operate flights with environmentally friendly services and products.


8- EgyptAir replaced 27 products made of plastic, which were previously used with environmentally friendly products, with the aim of reducing harmful emissions and in order to preserve the environment.


9- The "Logo" was designed as a special logo for the flight called "Green Service Flight", and printed in green as a symbol of the clean environment, as it will be printed on all products and materials during all flights that roam all countries of the world.


10- Air tickets on the occasion of the launch of the first environmentally friendly flight, reduced by 40 percent.



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