Discussed: Egypt sets controls to guarantee equal work opportunities for differently-abled people



Wed, 19 Jan 2022 - 01:55 GMT


Wed, 19 Jan 2022 - 01:55 GMT

Differently-abled person on wheel chair - FILE

Differently-abled person on wheel chair - FILE

CAIRO – 19 January 2022: Egypt has set controls and procedures in the Law on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities relating to their right to work, seeking to integrate them into the society.


The law obligates the state to guarantee the right of the differently-abled people to have equal opportunities for work that are commensurate with their academic qualifications and professional preparation.


Per the law, the Differently-abled people should not be subject to any kind of forced or coercive work, and any work should provide them with protection in fair working conditions on equal terms with others, and seek to open labor markets for them in the country and abroad, and enhance their job opportunities through engaging in self-employment through comprehensive development activities and projects in light of the state's social policies.


The legislation also obligates the state to provide appropriate safety and security means and accommodations for persons with disabilities in the workplace, to ensure the exercise of their labor and trade union rights, and to enable them to effectively obtain technical and vocational guidance programs, employment services, as it also prohibits any discrimination or deprivation of any benefits or rights in appointment on the basis of disability.


The Ministry of Manpower and its administrative departments are obligated to create a register for differently-abled persons who wish to work, and to assist them in accessing job opportunities appropriate to their qualifications and experiences in accordance with the priority established by law.


Governmental and non-governmental agencies and every employer who employs twenty or more workers, whether they work in one place or separate places, and whatever the nature of their work, is obligated to appoint a percentage (5 percent) of the number of workers, at least, from differently-abled persons who will be nominated by the Ministry of Manpower based on the record.


In all cases, anyone who employs a person with a disability must notify the competent authority of that by a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, within the first month from the date of the appointment.


Without prejudice to other tax exemptions established by special laws, a person with a disability or whoever employs or cares for a person with a disability shall be granted the following benefits:


According to the law, differently-abled persons who are employed will enjoy increased amount of personal exemption of income taxes reaching 50 percent, as well as anyone who sponsors a person with disability


 They will also have the number of their working hours at all governmental and non-governmental agencies reduced by one hour per day, paid for workers with disabilities, or for those who actually care for a person with a disability of the second degree.





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