In pics: Joint Egyptian-Saudi Military drills "Tabuk 5" continues in Saudi Arabia



Mon, 17 Jan 2022 - 01:20 GMT


Mon, 17 Jan 2022 - 01:20 GMT

CAIRO – 17 January 2022: The Egyptian and Saudi military forces resumed their joint drill, "Tabuk 5", in Saudi Arabia Monday.

Special forces units from both sides are participating in the exercise, which is continuing for several days.



The "Tabuk 5" exercise began last week. Many lectures have been given over the past days with the aim to unify the training concepts and coordinate efforts, as well as achieve integration between forces from both sides.

Participants implemented a number of joint training tasks in regular and irregular operations, as well as training in planning and coordinating joint operations and modern warfare methods.



They also carried out ambushes, raids, and reconnaissance using a drone, air incursions, combat in built-up areas, and implemented landing and pick-up exercises, tactical parachute jumping, and free jumping.

The drill aims to train the troops in reconnaissance work as well as methods to occupy defense areas and counter the enemies using the multiple integrated laser engagement system (MILES).

High levels of training could be seen during the exercise.



The special forces and paratroopers of both countries also carried out intensified training activities over the past days.

Lectures were also held on ways to confront the fifth generation wars.

"Tabuk 5" is considered the biggest of its kind in a series of exercises between the two countries as part of efforts to develop joint action in light of current challenges in the region.






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