Egypt’s 4th edition of WYF announces final recommendations



Thu, 13 Jan 2022 - 05:22 GMT


Thu, 13 Jan 2022 - 05:22 GMT

CAIRO – 13 January 2022:  Egypt’s fourth edition of the World Youth Forum [WYF] has announced its recommendations at the end of the 3-day event that was held in Sharm al Sheikh city.

The recommendations were announced during the closing session of WYF that included the graduation ceremony for Egypt’s National Training Academy (NTA), which is in charge of providing training and rehabilitation programs for youth of different nationalities,

 Executive director of the NTA Rasha Ragheb expressed happiness that the academy now offers consultancy services to a number of governmental bodies, including Sakkara Center which is affiliated with the Local Development Ministry.

The recommendations included the following:

Calling for the establishment of the African Enterprise Business Council, which brings together young entrepreneurs and businessmen with the aim of linking the youth’s ideas and innovations to offer opportunities and financing initiatives


Calling on the World Health Organization to adopt an initiative for mutual recognition of vaccines, and the localization of water desalination technology in all countries of the world that suffer from water poverty in order to produce water at a lower cost and ensure maximum benefit from it


Calling for holding a global summit that includes all international financial institutions and donor countries to discuss the best ways and mechanisms to help poor and poorest communities


The recommendations also included the necessity of involving young people in climate change discussions and working to disseminate and define climate goals at the regional and international levels


And the call for realizing the ‘regulating issue of the uses of transboundary water resources’ at the top of the global agenda through reaching a global model of governance in the management of shared water resources based on stable and sustainable rules of international law


Calling for the unification of international efforts to establish a unified platform of the United Nations concerned with ensuring the necessary funding for the reconstruction process and coordinating multiple policies between all parties.


Launching an international strategy aimed at strengthening human and social solidarity and creating opportunities and more space to support international peace and security after the COVID-19 pandemic.





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