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Wed, 12 Jan 2022 - 10:20 GMT


Wed, 12 Jan 2022 - 10:20 GMT

A number of young people raising the flags of their countries during the opening session of the World Youth Forum's fourth edition in Sharm El-Sheikh city - Egyptian Presidency/screenshot

A number of young people raising the flags of their countries during the opening session of the World Youth Forum's fourth edition in Sharm El-Sheikh city - Egyptian Presidency/screenshot

CAIRO – 12 January 2022: The fourth edition of the World Youth Forum has witnessed broad attendance from youth and officials from around the world as it kicked off on Monday and will last until Thursday.

The forum is held under the slogan of ‘Back Together’, with the participation of young people from 196 countries in Sharm El-Sheikh. WYF activities have included several sessions, many of which were attended by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Jordanian Crown Prince Al-Hussin bin Abdullah also attended the first day of the forum.

2022’s WYF agenda includes number of vital topics, which reflect the features of the new reality after coronavirus pandemic, that affected the lives of millions all over the world.

Participants at the 4th edition of WYF had the choice to participate in the opening session either physically or remotely via the virtual system due to COVID-19.

Egypt Today spoke to a number of participants in the forum, who all expressed appreciation of the fourth edition of the WYF.

Facing challenges

A participant from Kenya, who is also a politician, said the WYF is one of the most important chances for countries to return to work together in the face of the huge challenges, including coronavirus and climate change, which threaten humanity.

In his remarks, the Kenyan politician said the Egyptian state under President Sisi is exerting huge efforts to lead Africa toward comprehensive development and economic and political cooperation.

The Kenyan politician affirmed that the solutions introduced during the forum to resolve the problems threatening the world should be benefitted from.

He stressed that the messages that President Sisi formulated during the forum sessions are very important and actually put the whole world in front of its direct responsibility in achieving peace and returning to the dialogue tables again.

Exploring youth’s ideas

A participant from Zimbabwe said he is delighted to participate in the forum for the first time.

He said the WYF is a chance to explore the ideas of young leaders, know about their experiences, exchange expertise, and coming up with new ideas that can be applied in other countries.

The Zimbabwean participant said such ideas can support marginalized youth and contribute to enhancing and improving the economic situation.

There is a focus in the forum on the sustainable development goals, including combating poverty and providing food in order for the youth to be able to secure their basic needs, he said.

The participant said he partook in the entrepreneurship workshop of the forum and called for further cooperation to make sure that youth do not lose the chances.

He said the forum is an opportunity to know more about the challenges that different institutions face around the world and to exchange expertise around the possibility to introduce comprehensive solutions for these challenges.

Fighting corruption

Speaking to Egypt Today, a participant from Nigeria said he is participating in the forum to showcase a software program he has developed to encourage youth to fight corruption in the public sector.

He said his program can contribute to fighting corruption through spotting weakness that can be exploited by the corrupt.

Participation in the WYF for the first time is an amazing opportunity, the Nigerian participant said. He added it gives them a chance of express their opinions and have their voices heard.

Good organization

Khaled Ali, a participant from North Sinai, said the forum has brought together youth from around the world on the land of peace, Sinai, to demonstrate the state’s determination to provide a better future for youth.

“I watched and listened to praise from all the world, including from presidents, experts, youth and international organizations, about the wonderful organization of the WYF that is beyond description,” Ali said.

He added that precautionary measures were maintained to ensure the safety of all participants.



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