Public Prosecutor Hamada el Sawy had referred all four defendants to criminal court after accusing the first of allegedly requesting five million pounds from owners of a private hospital with the help of another two of the defendants who had mediated the bribery.

The first defendant only received 600,000 pounds of the sum agreed for him to use his powers to get Health Ministry officials to undo a decision to close the hospital, which had been operating without license, and to write a false report to prove that no violations had been made. The fourth defendant had been accused of writing the report.

Accounts of 13 witnesses had been added to the case, including the two owners of the hospital who had notified the Administrative Control Authority (ACA) of the bribery request and deceived the first defendant into paying the money to pave the way for his arrest.

Also included in the case were confessions of the two defendants, who had mediated the bribery, as well as mobile phone messages between them that further proved their implication.