The registration process should be supervised by the Manpower Ministry, Saafan said in statements to “Al Kahera Wal Nas” TV channel.

He added that about one million job opportunities will be secured as part of phase one of the process, noting that the first request has already been registered.

The e-linkage system and the integrated database are meant to protect the rights of Egyptian workers in Libya, Saafan assured.

He said his Ministry will also train unqualified youth who wish to work in Libya so that they get suitable jobs.

Egyptians should assume tasks and jobs that suit their skills and potentials, the minister further said, noting this should be done through the e-linkage system.

This system is particularly important to regulate and facilitate the transfer of Egyptian workers to contribute to the reconstruction of Libya, Saafan added.

He stressed that Egyptian workers will have certified contracts to guarantee all their rights are maintained.