Building youth capacity: How Egypt empowered youths as part of reform program



Sat, 18 Dec 2021 - 12:52 GMT


Sat, 18 Dec 2021 - 12:52 GMT

The Youth Love Egypt (YLE) Foundation organized a cycle marathon in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria on Friday

The Youth Love Egypt (YLE) Foundation organized a cycle marathon in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria on Friday

CAIRO – 18 December 2021: Egypt named the year 2016 as the year of youths, since then, building youth capacity became on the state’s radar and part of its development agenda.


As young people, below 40 years, represent about 60 percent of the Egyptian population, capacity-building, training and empowerment plans were adopted at different state agencies.


The state has also announced the National Academy for Youth Training and Rehabilitation, supported the partisan participation of youth Launching the Youth Parties' Coordination, and launched the New Republic's Youth Union.


In the below lines, et highlights steps taken by the state to empower its youths:


1- Trained 27,000 young people as part of the presidential leadership program.


2- Launched the Rowad 2030 project to facilitate the development of entrepreneurship.


3- Established 6 new technological universities all over the country.


4- Established 11 incubators all over Egypt, benefiting more than 340 young men and women, with 10 feddans for each young man.


5- Provided soft loans to young people with an interest value exceeding 5%.


6- Established 4 thousand factories for small and micro industries.


7- Provided more than 40 thousand job opportunities for young people to provide more than 40 thousand jobs for young people.


8- Young people accounted for 25 out of 39 leaders selected in the 2019 conservative movement, including 23 deputy governors and governors from the young age group.


9- The proportion of young people in the 2015 House of Representatives reached about 60, and increased to 70 in 2020, under the age of thirty-five, and about 146 in the category between 35 and 45 years old.


10- Housing for youth, where the President announced the number of units of up to 500,000 fully finished housing units in new cities in all governorates of Egypt for low-income people, 145,000 housing units will be completed and provided to young people at a cost of EGP 2 billion.




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