Egypt’s Sisi announces 5-point strategy, ‘Differently-Abled Fund' for people with disabilities



Sun, 05 Dec 2021 - 05:47 GMT


Sun, 05 Dec 2021 - 05:47 GMT

President Sisi and 'children with determination' pose for a picture at the 2021 Differently-Abled celebration.- press photo

President Sisi and 'children with determination' pose for a picture at the 2021 Differently-Abled celebration.- press photo

CAIRO – 5 December 2021:  During the 2021 celebration of ‘Differently-Abled’ at Manara Conference Center in New Cairo on Sunday, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi announced a five-point strategy and establishment of ‘Differently-Abled Fund for people with determination.

“I would also like to seize this opportunity to direct all relevant apparatuses in the state to work on developing more plans and programs and to take the necessary executive measures, which aim to empower people of determination and integrate them in all national projects and initiatives executed by the state. Let efforts toward empowering our sons of determination be part and parcel of our priorities, which aim to promote the citizens’ lives in general,” said President Sisi.


The five-point strategy includes:

  • Providing special programs and activities to people with determination by all sports and youth bodies. This is in order to improve their physical fitness and sports skills.
  • Directing the government to work on empowering people of determination and integrating them in all national projects and initiatives.
  • All implemented projects of ‘Decent Life’ Initiative will include services and special needs for people with determination.
  • The state’s bodies were ordered to expand the training of teachers to be more skillful in dealing with people with determination. And capabilities.
  • The artistic and cultural production sectors were ordered to produce dramatic and cultural works that highlight capabilities and creativity of people with determination.


“Words cannot suffice to thank you and express appreciation for everything you have done and still do to care for our children of determination. I know that you are overwhelmed by sentiments of love and affection for playing this role. I would like to reassert that you largely and significantly contribute to building this nation and thus reinforcing the renaissance of our nation,” President Sisi said.

“I would like you to know that by assuming this great role, you have fulfilled the mission, exalted the trust, and bore responsibility towards one of the most important blessings that God bestowed upon us- that is a wealth of our daughters and sons,” he added.

At the beginning of the celebration, Ahmed Tamer, a five-year-old child who memorized all 114 chapters of the noble Qur’an, recited some verses of Holy Quran, as he had been invited by President Sisi in October 2021.


One of the girls with disabilities and participating in presenting the celebration is Rahma Mamdouh. She is 19-year-old athlete at the Heliopolis Club and a student at Academy of Arts.

Rahma Mamdouh

Speaking to Rahma, President Sisi said “all Egyptian do love you,” adding that the state still needs to provide more.

Also, Madona is a T.V. presenter in sign language. She introduced herself as a student in the Institute of Theatrical Arts. Madouna is hearing impaired but can hardly hears voices.

Madona - T.V. presenter in sign language

In a panel session run by actor Mostafa Shaaban, Abdel Rahman Azam, a young Egyptian man with disability, expressed his gratitude to be one of the participants of the celebration. He said that he took several courses at media. He also introduced a conference “Community without disability” for the Arab world.

Abdel-Rahman Azzam

At the celebration, Azam, who is a senior at the Faculty of Specific Education, recited a poem written by his mother about integrating people with the special needs into the society. He added that he dreams to be a T.V presenter of a program tackles the issues of the people with disabilities.

Heba Atef is a graduate from the faculty of mass communication. She is working as a tourist guide at the Air Forces Museum.

Heba Atef

In his speech at the celebration, visually-impaired Mohannad thanked President Sisi for introducing subject of ‘Respect for others’ in the school curricula.


Mariam Mohsen, is another ambassador for people with determination is a visually-impaired girl, who asked for documentation in Braille. Mohsen is 17 years old and studies piano at the University of Wales Trinity St David – London.


“I dream that all the official documents like IDs and Passports would include braille language,” she asked President Sisi, who answered “Right away, Mariam. Egypt has a complex for secured and smart documents that would include documents in Braille for people with visual impairment, but let’s study all what you asked for to see it this is compatible with the international laws.”

Egypt’s Minister of Social Solidarity Nevine Gabbag: A sign language dictionary was launched last year, while the Ministry of Communications launched an application “Wasel” [Connect] for the deaf and dumb.

“ATMs were equipped with external speakers and buttons in Braille for people with disabilities,” she said, adding that 84 branches of banks were equipped to serve people with disabilities within the State’s financial inclusion system.

During the celebration, President Sisi received a number of questions from some children with disabilities.

Ali Hani, a para-athletic champion who got 94 medals, wishes to meet Liverpool Egyptian winger, Mohamed Salah. “We will bring him about right now,” President Sisi replied, adding “he [Salah] is a hero and always stands by Egypt. That is true!”

Ali Hani

When Hani asked President Sisi about the happiest moment and the most difficult situation his life, Sisi said “the most difficult moment for me is when I felt that the country would be lost […] while the happiest moment was not reached yet.”

Also 20-year-old Nourhan Othman, the first figure skating champion with disability in Egypt, a fashion model, and a third-grade student in a preparatory school, asked president Sisi about his best wishes for himself and for Egypt. “The best wish for me is that Allah be blessed with me.”

Nourhan Osman

Meanwhile, Ritaj Manal Essawi Mahmoud, who is a 12-year-old girl, asked President Sisi about whether he is happy when meets with people with determination. “The happiest day in my whole life is the day I spend with you,” President Sisi replied.


Malak Mohamed, who is a nine-year-old swimmer at Al Shams Club, a piano learner, and signs at the Cairo Opera House and dearmed to be the Minister of Culture, asked President Sisi on his ideal. “I have several ideals. […] My mother was a second to none for me when it comes to wisdom. […] My father was a person with great determination. My uncle was very generous.”

Malak Mohamed

Anas, a physically-impaired 8-year-old boy who plays piano, asked the President about whether he is still in contact with his old friends, Sisi replied “I have no chance to call my friends, even [some of] my relatives [..] due to my job. But I confess this is my fault. I will call them.”


Meanwhile, Basmla Moahmed, who is a ten-year old girl and dreams to be a pilot, asked President Sisi about how many hours he works a day. “It is better to ask me how many hours you sleep a day?,” he replied smilingly, adding that he is working hard to extent that the state’s officials are overwhelmed with his duties.

Basmala Mohamed

Makka Mustafa Essam, who is a six-year-old and loves drawings, asked the President about his dream when he was a child. “I dreamed to be a pilot,” the president answered.

Makka Mustafa Essam

Mohamed Madhi, a 9-year-old boy and a swimmer and a pentathlon champion asked president Sisi on what would be done for those with special needs? Egypt will establish ' Differently-Able Fund' for people with disabilities, who are real treasures, President Sisi said.

Mohamed Madi

Aya Shaltout, a 19-year-old athelet and a high-school student, asked President Sisi about the most beloved character in history. “The historical person whom I love the most is Prophet Muhammad, Peace and Blessing be upon him,” said President Sisi, adding that Prophet Muhammed and his accompaniers were ideals for the Muslims and Islam.

Aya Shaltout

“I do hate extremism and hardline ideology as it defames our humanity,” he added.

Ahmed Tareq Mohamed Karim, who is 29 years old swimmer and athlete and an actor, asked President Sisi about his favorite sports. Karate is President Sisi's favorite sports as it teaches discipline and morality.


Ahmed Tareq Mohamed Karim

In a second question on whether President Sisi is satisfied with being the President of Egypt, Sisi said yes.

After expressing his wish to be a member of Al-Ahly Sports Club where he can swim, President Sisi said that he would be a member as President of the Ahly Club Mahmoud El Khateeb sent an approval of the membership immediately.

Abdel Rahman Ashraf, a 17-year-old swimmer and obtainer of an AUC fellowship in 2020, asked about the most vital national project for the Egyptians. “The most beneficial and successful national project for Egyptians is 'Decent Life,” President Sisi said.

Screen Shot 2021-12-05 at 7.27.06 PM

Afterwards, a group of youth with disabilities perform a show and

Prominent actor Youssef El Sherif talked about his experience with people with visual impairment before shooting his T.V. series “The Fisherman.”


“I’m so proud of audio description project of T.V. series for people with visual impairment,” El Sherif said.

Then, a scene from Al-Ikhtiyar T.V. series was screened with service of audio description at the ‘Differently-Abled’ celebration. Also, President Sisi offers his condolences to Actress Donia Samir Ghanem for the loss of her parents, actor Samir Ghanem and actress Dalal Abdel Azizi. He thanks her for her song with a group of children with disabilities at the celebration.

Egyptian composer and pianist Omar Khairat thanks a young man with disability for joining the orchestra in playing one of Khairat’s symphonies. Then his orchestra played several symphonies.

Raghda, a T.V. Presenter with disability at DMC channel, asks President Sisi to invite people with disabilities from Arab world to attend the next round of ‘Differently-Abled’ celebration in 2022. President Sisi pledges to achieve her request.

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation and respect for your resolve, will and struggle. I would also like to express my pleasure to be here and meet with you, today, wishing you all success,” President Sisi concluded his speech.



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