Egypt's Attorney general says investigations with Health Ministry’s officials on going



Thu, 28 Oct 2021 - 05:54 GMT


Thu, 28 Oct 2021 - 05:54 GMT

CAIRO – 27 October 2021: Egypt's Attorney general, Hamada El Sawy said, Wednesday that investigations are ongoing with number of officials inside the Ministry of health whom facing several accusations.

The Attorney general office said that several news and media reports were spotted on websites that include incorrect information about the case. Sawy urged media websites to abide by the information announced officially on this regard.

The Public Prosecution also called upon all to adhere to the information it declares about the incident, and to avoid any false or incorrect news.

Sawy stressed that the Public Prosecution is keen on the principles of transparency with the community, and will announce, as it deems appropriate, and preserve the integrity of the investigation, any related information.



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