Commander of Egypt’s Navy: Our navy is capable of ensuring regional maritime security, carrying all tasks efficiently



Thu, 21 Oct 2021 - 10:26 GMT


Thu, 21 Oct 2021 - 10:26 GMT

July 3 Navy Base in Gargoubm Marsa Matrouh

July 3 Navy Base in Gargoubm Marsa Matrouh

CAIRO - 21 October 2021: Egypt's Navy marked Thursday its 54th anniversary by carrying out several naval and air formations that were on hand to receive the units returning from combat missions

At a press conference held at Gamal Abdel Nasser helicopter carrier of Mistral class, Commander of the Egyptian Navy Vice Admiral Ahmed Khaled greeted Egyptian naval forces, saying this date was set to mark the sinking of the Israeli destroyer "Eilat", the first in history to be sunk by ship-to-ship missiles, off the coasts of Sinai Peninsula on October 21, 1967.

The navy chief reiterated the political leadership's support for possessing real combat capabilities that qualify the navy to operate in more deeper waters to implement the strategic goals of the Egyptian State and address challenges prompted by the current situation in the region.

He said the Egyptian navy is currently possessing an advanced maritime force that can deter whoever plans to threaten Egypt's national interests.

Our Navy is ready to carry out all tasks assigned by the General Command of the Armed Forces in an efficient and professional way, he added.

He further ensured that the Egyptian navy is capable of dealing with modern technology and infrastructure that suits the demands of the present time, hailing the full support provided by the political leadership and the general command of the armed forces.

 He explained that the Egyptian navy received new combat missions and units as part of its development plan, including Mistral helicopter carriers, Frame and Gowind-class frigates, Mico-200 stealth frigates, and Type 209 submarines, in addition to a number of near and far traffic vessels.

Egypt has a modern highly efficient navy that is capable of consolidating maritime security and stability in the region, Commander Khaled said.

"Egypt is responsible for ensuring the security of around 114,000 nautical square miles; 74,000 square miles in the Mediterranean Sea and 40,000 square miles in the Red Sea," the navy commander told journalists during the news briefing.

Responding to a question about Egypt's commitment to upgrade its military capabilities and introduce the latest state-of-the-art combat and technical systems, the navy chief said that in light of the maritime security threats in the Middle East, the multiple conflicts arising from regional as well as international developments, and how they affect Egyptian and Arab national security, the political leadership has made the decision to improve the armed forces' capabilities to meet the critical needs of future missions.

Khaled also highlighted the new challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean region, especially after recent discoveries of huge natural gas reserves in the area, and how the Egyptian navy dealt with these challenges to safeguard Egypt's economic fortunes and preserve regional maritime security and stability. 




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