Egypt establishes new digital office to provide services for citizens in Arish



Thu, 07 Oct 2021 - 03:12 GMT


Thu, 07 Oct 2021 - 03:12 GMT

CAIRO – 7 October 2021: Egypt’s Top prosecutor Hamada el-Sawy ordered to esablish a new digital office to provide services for family and traffic prosecutions in the city of Arish, coinciding with the 48th anniversary of the glorious October War victory.


This comes within the framework of the Public Prosecution’s aspiration to contribute to promoting the desired development on the land of Sinai.


Before the decision, the people of Al-Arish filed complaints as they had to head to Ismailia governorate to finish governmental and traffic services.


In response, the Attorney General directed the establishment of the new digital office to meet the needs and priorities of the citizens of the city of Al-Arish electronically, such as extracting court rulings related to the family, inheritance notifications, decisions regarding guardianship over money for women and minors, and traffic services.


The move is considered one of the latest steps taken by the prosecution towards incorporating digital transformation into the judicial system.


In February, Egypt’s Public Prosecutor Hamada al-Sawy announced that the public prosecution has written all investigations carried out in lawsuits on the computer rather than handwriting them.


Public Prosecutor Hamada Al-Sawy further reviewed the results of the annual statements of investigation cases completed by the public prosecution offices across the country, which confirmed that  all investigations and procedures were written electronically on the computer, in implementation of his directives to record all investigations electronically instead of manually recording them. 


This comes within the framework of the Attorney General's approval, on March 12, 2020, to publish the electronic criminal justice program in all the state's offices, within the framework of the digital transformation policy for law enforcement, where all investigations conducted by the Public Prosecution and decisions related to it are included in that program electronically. This allows the Public Prosecutor and Public Prosecution leaders to follow up on the progress of these investigations immediately, as well as provide official copies of them to concerned bodies.


The Public Prosecutor ordered to send the felony cases to the courts of appeal attached to a CD containing all the cases’ papers, so that concerned parties can obtain electronic copies instead of spending a lot on photocopying.



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