Two police officers, one criminal killed in fire exchange in Ismailia: Interior Ministry



Wed, 06 Oct 2021 - 06:23 GMT


Wed, 06 Oct 2021 - 06:23 GMT


CAIRO – 6 October 2021: Two police officers were killed in a fire exchange with a dangerous-wanted criminals, Wednesday in Ismailia governorate.

Egypt’s interior minster said in a statement that the police forces were on a mission to arrest members of a highly dangerous gang involved in committing several incidents of coercive theft.

The criminals exchanged fire with police forces, which led to the killing of one of the criminals along with two policemen.

Three other wanted criminals were arrested with four firearms [ three automatic weapons and one shotgun] in their possession.

All legal procedures were taken and the public prosecution was notified to launch a probe, the Interior Ministry said.

Prosecutor General Hamada el Sawy, ordered to start investigations into the murder of the two police officers while on duty.

In a statement, the Public Prosecution said that two police officers were killed and two others injured during a shootout with a defendant against whom an arrest warrant was issued.

Upon investigations, the defendant, who was killed along with two others during the shooting, was convicted with weapon trafficking and when the police tried to arrest him, he started firing at the police officers who were killed.

The statement lauded the policemen for their sacrifices to stop crimes and achieve security in the country




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