5.045 unlicensed firearms seized, 4.266 defendants arrested in September: Interior Ministry



Mon, 04 Oct 2021 - 10:51 GMT


Mon, 04 Oct 2021 - 10:51 GMT

CAIRO – 4 October 2021:   Egypt’s Interior Ministry announced, Monday seizing up to 5.045 unlicensed firearms and ammunition during the past month of September, nationwide.

The statement added that the firearms were found in the possession of 4266 defendants.

According to the statement, the seized firearms included: “RPG- 1 Greenoff - 3 submachine guns - 424 automatic rifles - 826 rifles - 253 pistols - number of bullets - 525 safes - 7108 white weapons”

Also, three workshops for the firearms manufacturing were stormed, 61 gang formation were captured, including 223 accused, charged with 362 accusations.

Other wanted 815 criminals were arrested with ‘7 automatic rifles – 19 rifles – 6 pistols – a number of rounds of different calibers and 584 white weapons.

All legal procedures were taken against law violators, the statement said.

Article 28 of the ‘Weapons and Ammunition Law’ defined the penalties against anyone who trades or imports weapons without a license.

The article states: “A penalty of imprisonment for a period of no less than one month and a fine of no less than LE 100 and not exceeding LE 500 shall be inflicted on whoever trades or imports or manufactures without a license white weapon.  And shall be punished by imprisonment and a fine of no less than LE 500 and not more than LE1000, whoever trades, imports, manufactures, or repairs, without a license, a firearm”.

The law stipulates that it is not permissible, without a special license from the Minister of Interior or any of its  representative, to import, trade, manufacture or repair any weapons and their ammunition.




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