20K associations apply to reconcile status per new NGO law



Wed, 29 Sep 2021 - 12:46 GMT


Wed, 29 Sep 2021 - 12:46 GMT

Minister of Solidarity Nivine el-Kabbag - Press photo

Minister of Solidarity Nivine el-Kabbag - Press photo

CAIRO – 29 September 2021: A total of 20,000 associations and NGOs have applied at the Ministry of Solidarity to reconcile their status per the new NGO law, according to a Wednesday report by the ministry.

The report said most of the NGOs are based in Cairo, calling on well-established associations to help the smaller NGOs become more stable. This will improve performance and build bridges of communication amongst partners and the civil society, the report added.

Minister of Solidarity Nivine el-Kabbag said the civil society plays a mediating role between the people and the state, mobilizing individual and social efforts, stimulating the spirit of participation, development, and influencing public policies.

A total of 36 services will have been digitized by October as part of the digital transformation of the country and facilitating access to services, Kabbag said, adding that the civil society is an essential partner to the state for establishing better governance and a better future.

Below are some of the most important facts about the NGO law:

- The law came as a result of a 6-year discussions and community dialogue, which included topics on associations, unions, and the Ministry of Solidarity and Civil Society.

- The new law abolishes imprisonment as a punishment.

- Canceling the supervising over foreign organizations operating in Egypt.

- Allowing NGOs to receive foreign funding, on condition of informing the administrative authorities (as a routine procedure).

- Easing the restrictions that were imposed in previous laws in order to establish new associations.

- Establishment of NGOs only by “notifying”.

- It would also allow up to 25% of organizations’ board of directors to be foreign residents, up from 10% under the old law.

- Foreign communities in Egypt are now allowed to establish their own association, according to the law.

- The law allows associations to establish companies and investment funds.

- Foreign funding of NGOs has been codified into the law with a specific and clear mechanism.

- Facilitating the work of foreign organizations in Egypt.

- The law has approved many benefits and exemptions for NGOs.

- Authorized the right to join foreign organizations and NGOs.

- Allowed the NGOs to open new branches outside Egypt according to specific regulations.

- The law sat a clear mechanism for establishing shelters for children and the elderly, (due to the significance of this matter).

- Facilitating the associations' access to funding within 60 days. The non-response during this period according to the new law is considered as approval, while previously, the non-response within 70 days was usually considered as rejection.

- Prohibition of the combination of the membership of the Board of Directors and working in the NGO administrative body, (to control corruption).

- Creating new chapter in the law to be organizing for the volunteering activity in addition to ensuring the protection of volunteers and beneficiaries.



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