In Pics: Youth Love Egypt participates in the Climate Justice School training in Nairobi



Mon, 13 Sep 2021 - 12:59 GMT


Mon, 13 Sep 2021 - 12:59 GMT

CAIRO – 13 September 2021: The Youth Love Egypt Foundation concluded, Monday its participation in the Climate Justice School training at Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya, which lasted for two weeks.

During the period from August 30 to September 13, the foundation participated in the training as the National Coordinator of the Panafrican Climate Justice Alliance [PACJA] Network, in the presence of representatives from 45 countries.



Over 11 days in a row, the Foundation joined a session that started on the second day of the event, during which several axes were discussed. The first axis was: ‘causes of climate change, indicators, and effects.’

The second axis was: ‘background on climate change, development, negotiations, and interventions.’ The third axis: ‘the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the main bodies, the common and differentiated responsibilities.’



President of the Youth Love Egypt Foundation, Ahmed Fathy, spoke on the Egyptian state’s efforts to adapt to climate changes and the Foundation’s projects in quality, especially the EPP training program, during the third day of the program, in a session entitled “Diversity between North and South, Ideological Views, and Geopolitics global climate change.

Doshi Mahdi, the Foundation's scientific advisor, also reviewed the Foundation's efforts to reduce the use of plastic and hygiene campaigns, as well as raising awareness within universities.



On the fourth day of the Foundation's participation; A session entitled the history of international environmental policy (the Stockholm, Johannesburg and Rio summits) was discussed, and the most important lessons learned from summits and negotiations under the United Nations Framework Convention, the session also reviewed international climate law and governance amid the era of global mistrust.

During his participation in this session, Fathy spoke on the activation of the environmental law in Egypt since launching in 1994 and its amendments. He referred to the efforts of the Egyptian government in activating environmental laws, which contributed to eliminating rice-straw burning and reducing pollution in many factories.



Fathy also participated in the 50th anniversary of the celebration of the United Nations Environment Program with the participation of the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment in an important session entitled: ‘What does the United Nations Environment Program mean in its 50th year for African youth? As we look to the future, how can UNEP enhance its engagement with youth?’

On the sidelines of the training, Fathy and Mahdi visited the ‘Karura forest’ to learn about the efforts to protect nature and the success story in restoring the forest after many encroachments.

On the eighth day of the program, the session tackled renewable energy and energy transition to mitigate climate change, climate finance: the green climate fund, multilateral and bilateral initiatives, insurance arrangements, carbon trading schemes.


The session also shed light on the history and evolution of the climate justice concept and the global climate justice movement.

On the eleventh day of the Climate Justice Summer School, attendees learned how to navigate geopolitical dynamics in advocating for climate change, environment, demography, health and climate justice.

At the closing ceremony, the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program handed over certificates to the attendees in the presence of the Vice Chancellor of Kenyatta University.

The Youth Love Egypt Foundation was keen to attend and participate in the Climate Justice School training at Kenyatta University to consolidate its role in preserving the environment, and gain more experiences in the areas of reducing the use of plastic, sustainable development and climate change.




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