The Economist, in its commentary on the Egyptian economic situation in July, confirmed that the continued increase in the Egyptian government’s spending on roads and infrastructure has a very big impact on economic growth and providing development opportunities in a different way in all fields because roads are the arteries of development for all countries in the world, he added during an inspection tour of development work in new axes and roads in Alexandria, in the presence of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi.

The area from west of Alexandria to Salloum represents the real future to accommodate the largest population increase in Egypt, the premier said.

The 2052 urban development plan supposes this region, and its desert hinterland to absorb over a third of the population increase nationwide, he added.

Egypt has built 7,000 km of main new axes, in addition to raising the efficiency of 5,000 km of current highways, Madbouli revealed.