In Pics: Egyptians perform Eid Al-Adha prayer


Tue, 20 Jul 2021 - 08:04 GMT

Egyptians perform Eid Al-Adha prayer- Youm7

Egyptians perform Eid Al-Adha prayer- Youm7

CAIRO – 20 July 2021: Amid precautionary measures against the coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, a hundred thousand Egyptians performed Eid Al-Adha prayer on Tuesday.
Amr bin Aas mosque
Amr bin Aas mosque
Major mosques of Al-Azhar, Amr bin Aas, Mustafa Mahmoud in Cairo and Giza were full of worshippers with their families who started celebrating these days with prayer performance.
Mosques in other governorates witnessed a high turnout of worshippers.
  In Kafr El Sheikh
Eid Al-Adha is the most significant feast for Muslims worldwide, as it marks the end of the Hajj (pilgrimage) to the holy city of Mecca.
Al-Azhar Mosque
The Adha honors the day when Prophet Ibrahim -peace be upon him- was ordered to sacrifice his son, Ismael, and because of his obedience, God substituted Ismael with a ram, and this day has become a feast for Muslims since that day.
“And We have ransomed you with a mighty sacrifice” - Qur’an 37:107
In Islam, the sacrificed animal during Al-Adha is divided into parts, in order for the animal’s owner to be able to give a share of the meat to the needy people.



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