Egypt’s developmental plans turn 6 Cairo slums into attractions



Sat, 03 Jul 2021 - 02:18 GMT


Sat, 03 Jul 2021 - 02:18 GMT

Development works in Magra el-Oyoun Fence - FILE

Development works in Magra el-Oyoun Fence - FILE

CAIRO – 3 July 2021: As the state removed slums and unsafe areas, replacing it with appropriate alternatives for residents, features of Cairo governorate have dramatically changed.


Many large spaces were emptied from piles of garbage, and set to be turned into attractions and football fields, serving residents of neighboring areas.


Among these areas are:


1-   Al-Mawardi area in Sayeda Zeyinab


After removing a number of unplanned properties in the area, the state provided several services like shops, along with implementing Rawdat al-Sayed project.



2-   Tanneries area development plan


Located in Old Cairo behind Magra el-Oyoun Fence, the development plan of the Tanneries area includes an area of 85 acres, where old-style shopping malls and markets area being established, in addition to museums, theatres, cinemas, cafes and restaurants.


3-   Establ Antar area

Located on an area of 20 acres in the neighborhoods of Old Cairo and Dar es Salaam, the Establ Antar area is set to host a large number of service projects as part of its development plan.


The plan also includes building a road linking the area to El-Gabkhana area, in addition to parking area, medical unit, ambulance building, police station, fire station, post office, a mosque and a religious institute, a market, a square, open theatre, football fields and a kids area.


4-   Old Hokr Sakakini area in Sharabeya


The area covers a distance of ​​6.66 acres in the Sharabeya district. The area will be opened on the main street with an area of​​3.8 acres, and a public garden, health center, commercial center, youth center, waiting areas, mosque, in addition to primary and secondary school will be established.


5-   The staircase of Al-Kabsh Castle - Al-Sayeda Zainab District


The area is located on a distance of ​​4 acres in Sayeda Zeinab, and it was emptied as part of the developmental plan.


A five-a-side football fields, green spaces, entertainment areas, and kids areas are being established in the area.


6-   Development plan of El-Gomaa Market in Khalifa district


The market is located on an area of 7.5 acres in Al-Khalifa district, near Al-Sayeda Aisha Square. It is planned to build a pedestrian crossing tunnel under the Al-Abagiya bridge, in addition to marble cutting workshops, sewage treatment plant, vocational training center, a mosque, exhibitions for ceramic and marble works, used furniture showrooms, truck parking areas, a truck service road, a train station and the development of a railway line.














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