Ain Shams hospitals to be the 1st to apply robotic surgery system in Egypt



Mon, 28 Jun 2021 - 01:05 GMT


Mon, 28 Jun 2021 - 01:05 GMT

Robotic surgery system

Robotic surgery system

CAIRO – 28 June 2021: Egypt’s Ain Shams University revealed that it is in process of implementing the robotic surgery system at the university’s hospitals.


Ain Shams University’s hospitals will be the first in the republic to implement such type of surgeries.


The introduction of this mechanism in the health system in Egypt enhances accuracy, flexibility and control during surgical procedures, as it allows the surgeon to better see the part of the body in which surgery will be performed.


Robotic surgeries help in performing delicate and complicated operations that may be difficult or impossible using other traditional methods.


“Incorporating the robotic surgery system into health system in Egypt goes the lines with the boom witnessed in the medical sector in recent years, and it enhances the implementation of the state’s plans for sustainable development in accordance with Egypt’s Vision 2030,” said President of Ain Shams University Mahmoud al-Mateeny.


Al- Mateeny added that relying on the automated surgical system in performing surgery under the leadership of the surgeon “increases the efficiency of the human surgeon’s ability to what was not possible before, as it is now possible for the surgeon to work with great accuracy that exceeds the accuracy of the human hand through the surgical system, and under three-dimensional vision that was not previously available in very narrow places in the human body.


Robotic surgery helps make the procedure minimally invasive, which results in fewer complications, such as surgical site infection, less pain and less blood loss, faster recovery, smaller incisions, less visible scars and a shorter hospital stay. “That’s why, robotic surgery is an excellent alternative to open surgery,” he said.


Among the advantages of the robotic surgery system is that it reducing physical stress of the surgeons during operation.


This advanced global surgical system was imported from the United Kingdom, and batches of surgeons will be trained on this system in the United Kingdom before the beginning of practical application within university hospitals.



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