The UCLG Africa also comes in implementation of the directives of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and an exact translation of the Egyptian government program where the Egyptian-African ties figure high.

Shaarawy's remarks came during the 25th round of the inauguration of the executive council of the UCLG on Thursday.

Shaarawy asserted that several achievements were realized over the past seven years, adding that Egypt accomplished an unprecedented leap in the level of construction and urban development as 20 new cities were built, which represents 90% of total cities that were built over thee past 50 years.

Shaarawy said Egypt carries out giant projects in the field of housing, adding that there are one million housing units.

He said that the state is working on eradicating slums and providing alternative safe houses for 23 million citizens.

Egypt witnesses an upgrade in the quality of local, regional and international roads, he said.