Egyptian woman thanks prosecutors, social media support as assaulter referred to trial



Wed, 16 Jun 2021 - 11:03 GMT


Wed, 16 Jun 2021 - 11:03 GMT

Basma thanks social media support, investigators as assaulter referred to trial

Basma thanks social media support, investigators as assaulter referred to trial

CAIRO – 16 June 2021: Basma, the Egyptian woman who revealed she was subject to non-physical sexual assault after an employee at Cairo International Airport secretly took pictures of her back, expressed her gratitude for the support she found from prosecutors and social media to her case.


The employee was fired, arrested and investigated by the prosecution, after Basma posted videos on her Instagram account (identified as Bee Bishay) on Monday and Tuesday documenting the incident.


Basma posted a video on her Instagram account after spending eight hours at the prosecution, engaging in what she described as “very detailed” investigations into the incident.


She thanked detectives who were conducting the investigations, saying “I have never seen people working that hard.. before even we arrive at the prosecution and until now, they [interrogators] have not stopped working, not even to eat or rest, I could not thank them enough… I am speechless.”


Looking relieved and smiling, Basma said, in a video, on her account that “[The assaulter] will remain in custody for four days to be then referred to court.”


“I have never felt more victorious, and it is ALL because of you! I cannot thank every single one of you enough. I have no words," she then directed her words to social media users who supported her. 


“It was impossible to have reached anything without this huge move on social media… I never imagined that [great support] to happen… I first recorded the video at the airport as I felt alone and I was seeking anyone's help.. but never thought this great support was coming… I think I will need a couple of days to process all what happened,” Basma added.




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“I want to say that the feminist movement that has been on since last summer until now has left no girl without support… sometimes it happens that we suffer in the beginning to tell what happened to us, and to find someone to believe and support us, rather than encourage us to ignore what happened… but we [women] can restore our rights.. I trust that.. because after today, I felt this support,” she added.


In addition to Basma’s story, a couple of harassment-related incidents were resolved on Tuesday.


Minya Criminal Court, sentenced, Tuesday 10 defendants to 5 years in prison over violence and vandalism acts including stripping a 74-year-old Christian woman in n Al-Karm village in Abu Qurqas city, Minya governorate [Upper Egypt].


A man was arrested on Tuesday over sexually harassing a lady in a microbus in Al-Shorouq residential area, after she took footage of him committing his crime.


To know more about Basma’s incident, read our story below:  




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