In pics: Minibus for physically-challenged passengers operate in Sharqia


Tue, 15 Jun 2021 - 02:42 GMT

Minibus for physically-challenged passengers operate in Sharqia

Minibus for physically-challenged passengers operate in Sharqia

CAIRO – 15 June 2021: Minibuses designed for physically-challenged people started operating in Egyptian governorate of Sharqia in Delta, with commuters expressing delight with the new experience.


Samia Mohamed, 27 yrs old, who is a physically-challenged employee used to take the Tok Tok (Tricycle vehicle) or taxis to her work every day, where she pays L.E.15 to L.E.20.





After she learned about the new minibuses for people with disabilities, Mohamed decided to ride the new minibus, which was close to her home. Once she arrived with the help of her father, the driver of the minibus, who is responsible for helping the commuters to enter the bus, adjusts the movable door-step system downwards to allow her to enter into the bus.


Mohamed said the minibus is an easier experience compared to other means of transportations that are not designed to serve people with disabilities. She further added that she was only charged L.E. 5, which is cheaper than the normal commute.





“This service is excelled and saves a lot of suffer with means of transportations,” Mohamed’s father said, adding that he used to lift her feet every time to board the vehicles, and it was not suitable for his age.


The seats were also designed for disabled people, in addition to empty spaces for passengers on wheel chairs.  



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