Police arrest the man who harassed boy on Giza-Aswan train


Mon, 14 Jun 2021 - 09:36 GMT

CAIRO – 14 June 2021: Egypt’s Ministry of interior affairs arrested, Monday the man who appeared in a circulated video on social media harassing a boy on a train.

In an official statement by the Ministry, it was affirmed that the man was identified and arrested.

The man who was resident of Sohag governorate, [Upper Egypt] and works as a real estate broker admitted his crime during the investigation; and accordingly, all legal measures were taken regarding the incident and the man was referred to the Public Prosecution Office.

The video surfaced on social media on Saturday, showed the boy sitting in a window seat beside the man with his face down at the man’s lap, though most of the time hidden behind the man’s galabiya, a traditional loose garment worn by some rural Egyptians.

The passengers who filmed the video said the incident took place on Friday in a train going from Giza to Aswan, Upper Egypt, where he found the alleged perpetrator suspicious in the presence of a beggar boy. All passengers were asleep, as it was 11 a.m. and it is usually around 12 hours from Giza to Aswan.

The passenger subtly directed his phone at the man and started filming and pretended to sleep. He later checked his phone and found the disturbing video, engaging in a scuffle with the man while other passengers watched on. The man left the train in a station in Asyut governorate.





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