A Renewed Dialogue to Build the Nation: 3rd anniversary of Egypt's coordination of young politicians



Sat, 12 Jun 2021 - 12:34 GMT


Sat, 12 Jun 2021 - 12:34 GMT

Coordination’s Committee of Parties’ Youth Leaders and Politicians (CPYP)

Coordination’s Committee of Parties’ Youth Leaders and Politicians (CPYP)

CAIRO - 12 June 2021: Today, three years have passed since the launch the Coordination’s Committee of Parties’ Youth Leaders and Politicians (CPYP), an experience shared by a group of Egyptian youth interested in public service, regardless of their various party and political affiliations. The dream was simple in its purpose, generating hope and hard work.

We dreamed that the youth of this country could present a unique political model capable of respecting partisan and political pluralism and seeking to strengthen the partisan experience.

We believe that constructive dialogue is the right way to build a real democratic system, and it is the right way to build the future of Egypt. That is, the “New Republic of Egypt” declared by the revolution of the great Egyptian people on January 25 and June 30.

In three years, CPYP was able to establish a platform for national dialogue that brings together youth representatives of 25 parties and a large number of political youth of various specialties and from different political and intellectual backgrounds. It also established technical quality committees that study everything that concerns citizens and propose real solutions. We believe that any political dialogue must be based on a scientific system that respects scientific and technical specializations, and this is the essence of our motto "Politics with a New Concept."

Our experience has not stopped at the dialogue stage, but it was followed by the stage of relying on the young and middle generation to assume their national responsibilities. CPYP has thus far provided six deputies for governors, 32 members of the House of Representatives, and 16 deputies in the Senate. With real empowerment of women, the percentage of women in CPYP lawmakers in the House of Representatives and the Senate has reached nearly half of the CPYP seats in both houses.

Our national ambition comes at a time when the Egyptian state is moving confidently towards achieving a comprehensive reform model in all fields, and the importance of this historical moment lies in the sincerity of the experience of our generation, which has repeatedly rejected strife. Also, President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi was keen on making the experiences of the youth successful, a keenness that we have seen in a national dialogue launched by the National Youth Conferences.

Today, we are on the third anniversary of the establishment of CPYP.

We affirm that we continue to raise the value of dialogue, believing that CPYP will remain a national meeting point, and to open our doors to all young people interested in public and political work, and to every conscious thought capable of building.




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