Palestinian Ambassador to Cairo: Egypt helped ease Israeli siege on Gaza Strip



Sat, 05 Jun 2021 - 03:33 GMT


Sat, 05 Jun 2021 - 03:33 GMT

Palestinian Ambassador to Cairo Diab el-Louh - FILE

Palestinian Ambassador to Cairo Diab el-Louh - FILE

CAIRO – 5 June 2021: Palestinian Ambassador to Cairo Diab el-Louh stated that Egypt has played a role in easing the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza Strip 14 years ago, by deciding to open the Rafah Crossing to help the Palestinians.


In his TV statements, El-Louh thanked the Egyptian state for its continuous support for the Palestinian cause.


He further explained that there are huge efforts exerted by Palestinian National Authority, Egypt and the international community to develop engineering plans for the reconstruction of Gaza.


“But before reconstruction, Gaza Strip needs urgent relief, after at least 50 percent of the sewage networks, roads and other vital sectors were damaged,” he added.


He continued, “The Palestinian citizen has great will and patience, and certainty of him winning over the Israeli aggression and the independence of the Palestinian state.”

Last month, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi announced during his visit to Paris that Egypt is allocating $500 million to the reconstruction of Gaza Strip, and that Egyptian firms will take part in the work.


On Tuesday, President Sisi directed, with the rapid sending and entry of equipment into Gaza Strip.


Egypt has exceptionally opened the crossing to enable people stranded on the two sides to cross and to deliver aid to Gaza residents.


Medical and administrative teams are stationed for facilitating the passage of the injured to hospitals for treatment.




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