At a joint press conference with the tourism and aviation ministers in the Red Sea, Zayed said vaccination of all residents of Red Sea and South Sinai will be concluded on June 30.

She added that the number of labs in the two governorates will be increased so that tourists can conduct PCR tests before returning home.

Also, medical teams, quarantine places and convoys that give vaccines to residents will be increased, she said.

Food safety measures in hotels and restaurants will be strictly and regularly examined in light of the expected increase of the number of Russian tourists coming to Egypt, she added.

Also, environmental safety, drinking water stations and drainage plants will be checked to guarantee the heath of tourism workers and all residents dealing with tourists in the two governorates, she added.

Zayed made clear that the increase of the number of tourists coming to Egypt is a clear evidence that the epidemiological condition in the country is stable.

With regard to the health situation statistics, Egypt is considered among the countries that were less affected by coronavirus in terms of the number of infections and deaths, she said.

She added that Red Sea and South Sinai are almost free from coronavirus infections.