Indian passenger barred entry at Cairo Airport over COVID infection


Mon, 31 May 2021 - 02:12 GMT

Cairo International Airport - File

Cairo International Airport - File

CAIRO – 31 May 2021: The Quarantine authorities at Cairo International Airport barred a family coming from a Riyadh from entry on Monday, as they did not submit PCR tests for their children.


An Indian passenger was also barred entry Monday, after he was proven to have been infected with Coronavirus. The passenger was coming from Paris.


Airport authorities decided that both the Gulf family and the Indian passenger board the same flights they arrived aboard, and return to their countries.


Well-informed sources at the airport said that quarantine doctors examined 13 passengers of different nationalities who arrived on an Air France flight from Paris, and it was found that an Indian passenger was infected with the Corona virus, despite carrying a negative PCR analysis.


However, the quarantine doctors took a swab from them and put it on the new tester device, and after 10 minutes it was found that he is infected with the virus.


A Gulf family was also prevented from entering Cairo, because their children who age above 8 years old were not carrying a negative PCR test as required.


The quarantine authorities isolated them in one of the transit halls at the airport until they boarded the same flights back to their countries.



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