Egyptian, Sudanese ‘Nile Guardians’ joint military exercise kicks off



Fri, 28 May 2021 - 01:47 GMT


Fri, 28 May 2021 - 01:47 GMT


CAIRO – 27 May 2021:  Egypt and Sudan have started joint military drills dubbed 'Guardians of the Nile', with the participation of land, naval and air forces from the two countries.

The military exercise, which kicked off in Sudan, has shown advanced skills and high professionalism of the participating Egyptian and Sudanese personnel, and thus reflecting the two sides' high level of combat readiness meant to support security and stability efforts in the region.



'Guardians of the Nile' aims to promote military cooperation between Egypt and Sudan, exchange relevant expertise, and boost joint action between the Armed Forces of both countries.



Egyptian Armed Forces’ personnel arrived in Sudan on Saturday to take part in joint military maneuver.



Army personnel of the ground, naval and air forces are taking part in the joint exercise, according to the military spokesman.



He added that the exercise aims to highlight the level of preparedness of the joint forces and raise the training expertise of both armies

Last April, Egyptian Chief of Staff Mohamed Farid and Sudanese counterpart Mohamed Othman al-Hussein attended the conclusion of joint air exercises "Nile Eagles 2" held in Sudan.



The day began by displaying the activities carried out by Egyptian and Sudanese air forces and Special Forces elements since March 31.



Later on, a number of multirole fighter jets were prepared, and took off to mimic accomplishing missions of interception and defense. That is in addition to attack operations against targets in the depth, and in defense of vital targets. Equally, Special Forces carried out a simulation of storming terrorist hideouts.

The spokesman indicated in a statement that the exercises showed the decent level the elements participating in the exercises have attained. He pointed out that those who excelled during the program were honored by the Egyptian and Sudanese chiefs of staff.





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