Egyptian statistics body issues figures on fresh water production in FY2019/2010


Mon, 19 Apr 2021 - 12:12 GMT

Water – Wikimedia Commons

Water – Wikimedia Commons

CAIRO – 19 April 2021: The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) released Monday data on fresh water produced in Egypt in FY2019/2020.


The quantity of water purified/desalinated for drinking purposes is 11 billion cubic meters down by 0.8 percent compared to FY2018/2019 where 11.1 billion cubic meters were purified.


The number of plants that purify Nile River water in Egypt is 1,110 with an annual total capacity of 9.8 billion cubic meters. That of the 1,580 plants that purify underground water is 1.1 billion cubic meters. There are also 52 desalination plants that can produce 0.1 billion cubic meters of fresh water per annum.


The average treated water share per capita recorded 110.1 cubic meters in FY2019/2020 down from 113 cubic meters in FY2018/2019.


As for recycled water used in irrigation and land reclamation, 5.13 billion cubic meters were recycled in FY2019/2020 up by 0.4 percent from the 5.11 billion cubic meters recycled in FY2018/2019. The number of sewage water recycling plants grew by 2 percent to hit 455 in FY2019/2020 against 446 in FY2018/2019.



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