Investigation to open on 17-year-old Muslim girl


Wed, 05 Jul 2017 - 08:22 GMT

Nabra Hassanen - File photo/Facebook

Nabra Hassanen - File photo/Facebook

CAIRO – 4 July 2017: The Egyptian Attorney-General advisor Nabil Sadeq has launched an investigation into the murder of 17-year-old Muslim girl Nabraa Hassanan, killed on June 18 by a man while walking with her friends near a mosque in Reston, Virginia, while getting breakfast during Ramadan.

The Attorney General has asked the International Cooperation Bureau to prepare notice of judicial assistance including demands of the Egyptian public prosecution to be sent to U.S. judicial authorities.

The public prosecution office has asked the U.S. judicial authorities for official papers from investigation file, forensic medical report and forensic findings about the murder.

Nabara Hassanan was a Muslim girl who lived in Resto, Virginia and attended South Lakes High School. She was walking with her friends when a man assaulted them with hostile rhetoric against Muslims in the United States after leaving the mosque. They all ran to the mosque, but the man caught Nabara and killed her with a metal spat according to detectives in US.



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