Irrigation Ministry spokx: Egypt faces water scarcity problem due to population increase, climate change


Wed, 14 Apr 2021 - 03:06 GMT

Taskila Wastewater Treatment Plant in Oulu.- CC via Wikimedia

Taskila Wastewater Treatment Plant in Oulu.- CC via Wikimedia

CAIRO - 14 April 2020: Mohamed Ghanem, spokesman for the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, said that Egypt is facing a water scarcity problem due to population increase and climate change, which requires the state to take new measures to be able to rationalize water use, noting that the using modern irrigation systems is one of the most important measures.

In exclusive statements to Al-Youm Al-Sabea, Ghanem added that the most-commonly-used modern irrigation systems include the drip irrigation that the ministry is trying to spread now in ancient lands. It has already been proven that this experiment works to direct the water and increase the productivity of crops by about 30 percent, which is reflected in the profitability of farmers and is an economic gain for them.

Drip irrigation saves energy, fertilizer and labor, and only needs 40 percent of the amount of water used in flood irrigation, which is economically reflected in farms.

Ghanem explained that there are many applications of smart irrigation, such as a moisture meter, which is a manual device placed inside the soil, and enables the farmer to identify the degree of soil moisture. The device consists of 3 degrees "dry - saturated - medium humidity" so that the plant's need can be determined.

Ghanem pointed out farmers used to rely on their own experience in determining when to perform the irrigation process and when to complete it, but this device can determine this very precisely.

Ghanem clarified that certain departments of the ministry are working to educate farmers about water directives in all governorates to show them successful experiences of modern irrigation, display smart irrigation applications and explain how easy they all are, and link all of this to the project of lining canals.

The project of lining canals is one of the most important projects that will change the shape of the Egyptian countryside, as it is based on removing waste, and easily delivering water to farmers in the right quantity and time.




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