The Egyptian judiciary protects women against assaults: President of National Council for Women Maya Morsy



Mon, 12 Apr 2021 - 01:14 GMT


Mon, 12 Apr 2021 - 01:14 GMT

CAIRO – 12 April 2021: President of the National Council for Women [NCW] Maya Morsy, expressed her deep appreciation for Egypt's judiciary, and Prosecutor General Hamada El-Sawy after sentencing sexual predator Ahmed Bassam Zaki, who was accused of assaulting eight girls, blackmailing them and using social media to harass them.

“The Egyptian judiciary proves daily that it is the guardian of justice, with its strong and invincible shield. It issues judicial decisions independently and transparently against anyone who commits violence and harassment against women," Morsy stated.

She added that Judiciary in Egypt is “The protector of all women against assaults. It was never motivated by rumors or misinformation. It has a heart, mind and a sword for prompting justice.”

Morsi also thanked Prosecutor General Hamada El-Sawy for "his quick response to help the victims of Ahmed Bassam Zaki, ensuring effective conduct of investigations & taking all legal measures against him."

Morsy further stressed that the Public Prosecution has played a respectable and much-appreciated role in this case as well as all the cases that affect the security and safety of Egyptian women.

Moreover, the president of NCW thanked the Ministry of Interior, for "its efforts to take all the needed measures to arrest Ahmed Bassam Zaki," stressing on the important role and tireless efforts of the Egyptian police in protecting women.

Morsy also thanked all working members of the Women's Complaints Office, including lawyers, social and psychological researchers, and advisors, for their tireless & continuous efforts from the very first moment of listening to the victims and offering all support to them until issuing the final verdict against Bassam.

On Sunday, Cairo Criminal Court has sentenced Ahmed Bassam Zaki to 8 years in prison for his assaults & crimes against eight girls.

On September 1, 2020, Egyptian Prosecutor -General Hamada El-Sawi ordered the referral of Zaki to a specialized criminal court to be tried over harassment accusations.

Zaki faced charges of sexually assaulting three girls, below 18 years old, and threatening and blackmailing them, into sexual intercourse. Later in December he was sentenced to 3 years over his charges.

He was also charged with inciting immorality, stalking, violating his victims’ privacy through constant texting and taking pictures of them without their consent.






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