Live Updates: Libyan conference on Qatari interference



Tue, 04 Jul 2017 - 05:07 GMT


Tue, 04 Jul 2017 - 05:07 GMT

Libyan Military spokesperson Ahmed al-Mesmary

Libyan Military spokesperson Ahmed al-Mesmary

CAIRO - 4 July 2017: A press conference was held in Cairo Tuesday on the Qatari interference in Libya, where Libyan military spokesperson Ahmed al-Mesmary provided evidence that Doha funds and trains terrorists in an attempt to divide and destabilize the North African state.

Below are live updates of the press conference:

7:49: Egypt is supporting Libya through its political stances and that is enough for us. These stances would never be forgotten.

7:48: Fayez El-Saraj did not issue a statement that supports boycotting Qatar.

7:47: We are the most who were harmed by Qatar. Libya used to manufacture and export but now is begging from others.

7:40: All Libyans are affiliated with tribes. Thus, tribe leaders have a role in achieving real national reconciliation.

7:37: Egypt has always been the real supporter of Libya against terrorism.

7:31: Mahdy El-Haraty transported Egyptian, Syrian, and Sudanese militants from Syria to Libya.

7:23: We are fighting with one belief; that is fighting for Libya and for what is right.

7:21: We need the support of the international community to receive compensation for our losses. International laws were set to protect humanity that is being abused in Libya.

7:20: We are not blaming the people of any country but we are blaming their leaders. It is not reasonable that Qatar wants to destroy a large-sized country like Libya.

7:18: There was an air-bridge called Omar El-Mokhtar transporting weapons and militants from Libya to Turkey and from Turkey to Syria, and vice-versa.

7:17: We are reporting a folder including all assassinations conducted by groups backed by Qatar.

7:16: In Jufra military base, we targeted a Qatari plane.

The Sudanese Role

7:13: There is something called “the New Sudan Project,” and we do not know what it is.
Sudanese General Emad El-Aadawy said Libya is safe after the victory of his allies of Fajr Libya groups and others.

7:08: Ali El-Salaby and other terrorist leaders deny the existence of terrorism despite the presence of militants of different nationalities, such as Sudanese and Yemeni nationals fighting in Libya.

7:00: They have transported explosives in ambulances because they were not inspected by the national army for humanitarian purposes.

7:12: A video was screened showing Sudanese religious clerics praising and supporting Osama bin Laden and promoting terrorist acts.

7:07: We are fighting terrorist on behalf of the world.

7:05: A video is shown of militant groups talking in languages spoken in Afghanistan, and not Arabic or English.

7:03: Look at that video of a police officer who was beheaded. Many of those terrorists are illiterate. Prior to suicidal attacks, they were put in rooms full of very expensive perfumes and chants were sung.

7:00: Videos of slaughtering victims were screened in the conference."We have achieved victory with no support from the international community."

6:59: Qatar turned Libya into a commonplace for crimes varying from killings and rape. Russian missiles were also found in the city.

6:58: In 2016, cameras were found in Benghazi that are sold solely to governments per international norms... they cover a distance of 7 kilometers.

6:57: Weapons and ammunition were bought from Sudan and sent to Libya by land. The other way was directly from Qatar via airspace. Air military bases that fell in the hands of terrorist groups served that purpose.

6:52: A movie was screened showing a Qatari car carrying its flag fighting the Libyan army in 2011.

6:50: Ali El-Salaby was in prison until 1981, before he joined Taliban in Afghanistan and has been dwelling in Qatar for 15 years.

6:48: Ali El-Salaby and Ismail El-Salaby are funding the terrorist Shura council in Benghazi. Abdel Hakim Belhaj was promoted as the substitute of Gaddafi. They were all funded by Qatar.

6:45: These groups do not believe in borders between countries and wanted to make Libya a base to head to Europe and other neighboring countries.

6:44: In one week, we controlled three military bases despite of the lack of weaponry and the international blockade on the army.

6:42: Sert, Misrata, and Tripoli host certain army elements but are still not under the full control of the national Libyan army.

6:40: The Libyan army started to expose the Qatari role [in Libya] before the Karama operations in 2014.

6:38: The map of operations of the general leadership of the Armed Forces includes territories under its control.

6:36: We are fighting the Islamic State (IS) group, al-Qaeda, forces formed by the Muslim Brotherhood, and other militias. IS has been very weak to launch any attacks. Terrorism is terminated and besieged in Benghazi.



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