Comprehensive plan to develop Egypt’s Railways started 4 years ago, more work still to be done: PM Madbouli



Fri, 26 Mar 2021 - 08:08 GMT


Fri, 26 Mar 2021 - 08:08 GMT

CAIRO – 26 March 2021: Egypt’s Prime Minster Moustafa Madbouli said that the government started developing Egypt’s railways four years ago; however, ‘there is still more work still to be done especially that it was long neglected in the past decades.’

During a press conference, Friday Madbouli added that Egypt’s railways is one of the most used facilities by Egyptians on a daily basis, ‘we couldn’t just halt the train movement until finishing all the maintenance and development work.”




He noted that President Abdel Fattah al Sisi directed firmly to take all necessary measures as soon as the collision of Sohag train took place, he added that he moved immediately along with several other minsters to the collision location and visited the victims and checked on the accident updates.

Sisi also allocated an army aircraft to transport critical cases to from Sohag to Cairo hospitals, according to Madbouly.

He added that the government started an investigation in the accident, affirming that all whom involved in the accident will be held accountable and punished.

Egypt’s premier explained that the compensations were one of the main things he discussed with president Sisi, who decided to double to customary compensations reaching up to LE100,000 in the victims’ critical cases.

He also offered condolences to all Egyptians and the families of Sohag train victims.


As for the injured, the compensations will vary from LE20,000 to LE40,000 according to the period the victim’s need until full recovery.

Madbouly also called on Egyptians to have patience until finishing all needed investigations and figure the real reasons behind Sohag two-train collision.



Egypt’s health Minster Hala Zayed also explained that the accident was reported by 12 pm at noon, as up to 105 ambulance headed to the train accident location immediately.

Zayed explained that the two trains were evacuated completely from all passengers shortly after.

The Health official explained that all blood bags are available in hospitals and that all circulated news regarding blood shortage is not true.

She affirmed that the total injures of Sohag collided trains reached 165 and that 32 people reported dead.

Earlier Friday two trains in the city of Tahta in Sohag, Upper Egypt, collided in a tragic accident.

The accident took place on Friday morning after an air-conditioned train that was bound from Luxor to Alexandria, collided with another passenger train that was bound from Aswan to Cairo, resulted in derailing two passenger carriages.

Egyptian Prime Minister ordered to quickly transport the injured people to hospitals and provide them the medical service, while Health Minister Hala Zayed headed to the site of the collision to follow up the situation.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Hamada El Sawy orders to launch an investigation into the accident.

When Luxor-Alexandria train stopped after unknown people pulled the emergency valve in one of the train carraiges, the Aswan-Cairo train collided with it from the back.

The collision led to the overturning of 2 passenger carriages and a locomotive, according to a statement from the Egyptian Railway.

A technical committee has been formed to follow up on the situation and investigate the accident, the authority said, noting that it is following up on the situation to resume the train traffic as soon as possible.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said a “deterrent punishment” will be inflicted on whoever caused by any means the “tragic” train collision in Sohag to take place.





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